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My Teacher is a Financial Planner!
Sanjay Gupta was a mid-career professional, when he decided to become a Certified Financial Planner..........
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12 expert tips to teach your kids about money!
Presenting an exclusive, expert article by Sanjay Gupta M.MS., CFP Certified CM Financial Planner and CEO of Mode Money Managers. More details below.
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Simplifying finances for kids
Certified Financial Planner, Sanjay Gupta, has found innovative teaching methods to simplify the meaning of finance for kids. His venture, aptly named as Finance for kids, makes every child prudent about money at an early age ....
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Sanjay Gupta's venture offers financial education to 5-16 year-old kids
The surest way to make your money grow is to start early in life, say experts. Ironically, this advice is usually doled out when it's too late to implement it.
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Children, Finance and Money - The Delicate Equation
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