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Why is Finance for Kids such an effective personal financial training program?
Finance for Kids is a program that teaches much more than just how to create a budget. This program trains kids, tweens and teens,how to live within their financial means.
More than just concepts, this program provides foundational knowledge, tools, and a step-by-step procedure for executing the program.
Good financial management requires discipline. This program helps your child to establish good financial habits leading to a lifetime of Disciplined Financial Management.
Children do not generally learn on their own how to live within their financial means. They need to be trained. This program trains kids by having them practice good financial principles and skills over time. (Schools are not teaching this stuff!)
The sessions are structured to cover all vital topics and in a form of interactive session by means of story boards, role plays and game along with financial jargon simplified.

Exclusive Session on Finance and Money designed for our
Little Kids, Tweens and Teenagers
Limited seats
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