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Children and Money??
Should we teach our Children about finance and money and how soon ??
Talking to children about money is still treated as a taboo in India.We have a mind set that “Money can make children selfish, money minded and get into wrong habits” But this is just not true. If money can so easily corrupt and change a child, then what are we doing as parents ?? Our notions and old school of thoughts need to drastically change.
Our set and pre determined educational syllabus is not geared to teach much about finance and money until children are old to learn themselves in an unrefined way with a heavy cost of learning either monetarily or by time lost.
We at Mode Money Managers, pledge for financial literacy among children and have carefully structured our programme to demystify finance and money with role plays, tools and visual aids.
Our dream is to have our children face the world with an added confidence to manage their finances and achieve success in all their endeavors.

Exclusive Session on Finance and Money designed for our
Little Kids, Tweens and Teenagers
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